Case Study : Medical

Industry: Medical Equipment
Service: Customer Support through Technology
Customer: Datex-Ohmeda, a major manufacturer of anesthesia equipment in hospitals

Datex-Ohmeda used a single employee to administer its demonstration equipment program. This person was responsible for managing the shipment of over 200 demo units, to various hospitals for evaluation, on behalf of 80 field sales reps. The machines were constantly moved between hospitals and over 60 warehouses through out the U.S.. The process took up to three days, involving multiple steps and causing inefficient use of resources.

TechTrans created a customized resource planning and tracking tool to efficiently manage every logistics process related to Datex-Ohmeda's demo program. The customized software tool, available through TechTrans' secure Web site, provides added value in many ways; Tracking each serialized unit with multiple criteria, allowing sales representatives to order specific instrument types and required transportation parameters, and coordinating technical pick-up and/or delivery services.

The tracking software has improved Datex-Ohmeda's demo unit ordering process. The customer and TechTrans can track and trace any machine history instantly. Users obtain the exact data needed, including delivery confirmation within 24 hours. Sorts can be determined by serial number, region, sales representative, distance and duration. Shipping costs are reduced by utilizing the machines closest to their destination, and duration tracking controls turn rates. In addition, TechTrans was able to reduce the number of warehouses Datex-Ohmeda used from 60 to 20 strategically located facilities, to best serve every active region.

The program was so successful TechTrans created a generic version for use by other medical equipment manufacturers. The program is easily adapted to meet every customer's specific requirements.

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